We developed a solution to help out those who have podcasts. One problem people have is hosting their podcast. Popular shows find themselves using the slow servers, or utilizing a hosting service that can be problematic because they are trying to cut costs.

Mixing “Unlimited” Hosting + B2 Cloud

We find a great way to cut costs for professional level hosting is by utilizing the affordable and reliable B2 Cloud storage by Backblaze, along with the unlimited hosting plans that places offer around the internet. Obviously unlimited hosting plans hate when you host everything on your site, but SaverCDN sits on your hosting account. When a user links to the file, it checks if it’s the last X number of episodes (your can adjust), if it’s old enough it will point it to a copy on B2 Cloud, otherwise will serve it locally.

This way you will not be running a file download site or mass download hosting, and your hosting bills will be lower than ever as a majority has been served by yourself, but users can still go back in time with old episodes for a penny a gigabyte. It’s win-win!


  • File Upload: You upload file to your website, SaverCDN will copy your file to B2 Cloud.
  • Settings Tweak: You can pick how many episodes to serve locally, it will automatically delete older episodes as you upload more files. B2 keeps all files.
  • Static Download URL: SaverCDN supplies you with a link, the link redirects based on conditions, no url changes needed.
  • Analytics: Track how many people downloaded your file based on date/time. Generate reports and see IPs separated by country.
  • Dead Simple: We did not want to bundle too many things into this product, no reason to complicate something that doesn’t need to be 🙂


SaverCDN is a privately controlled program at this time. It may be available in the future. Check back in the future for any updates.